Sustainability Plan

While many small businesses will pour over financial projections while making environmental action a "nice-to-have", we want sustainability and societal equitability to be a key aspect of our growth. We're a small team and our resources are limited, but we're every bit as committed to our planet's health as we are to the health of our business.

Today, we're planting one tree for every Willow Panel sold, and making our felt panel backing from 100% recycled materials. In just four years, we plan to be a carbon neutral Certified B Corporation.

We've developed this plan to show you what we're doing today, and what we want to do over the next four years. There's a lot of big commitments here, but we're fully prepared to do what it takes to achieve these goals, while regularly and transparently sharing our progress.

Where We're At


🌳 Planting 1 tree for every Willow Panel sold.

♻️ Making our felt backing from 100% recycled materials.


Where We're Headed

December 2022

🇨🇦 Make all Willow Panels in Canada, reducing our carbon emissions by up to 80%.

December 2023

✅ Work with The CarbonNeutral Protocol to become 100% Carbon Neutral Certified.

December 2024

🌲🌳 By the end of 2024, our goal is to have planted 30,000 trees across North America.

December 2025

🅱️ While it's the last goal in this plan, becoming a Certified B Corporation is really just the beginning of our journey to becoming the best possible company we can be, for our customers, our community, and our planet.

We will be releasing annual reports, starting in 2022, outlining our goals, our progress, and any areas that we fell short of our commitments. By working with third-party certification organizations starting in 2023, we'll allow our business practices to be honestly measured and evaluated against international sustainability standards.

We want to transform spaces and the lives that are lived within them. But, we can't ignore the lives of others that are lived outside of our personal spaces either. By making these commitments and sticking to them, we hope we can do both.

We're excited for this journey and everything it has to offer, and even more excited to have you be apart of it.