About Us

andor willow is inspired by the timeless principles of minimalism, while also being motivated by modern aesthetics and forward-thinking design. We strive to create beautiful products that transform spaces, in the hopes that they will also transform the lives that are lived within them.

Our signature product, the Willow Panel, is designed to create spaces that look, feel, and sound naturally beautiful.

Located in Toronto, Canada, we develop, design, and distribute our products from right here in North America. This ensures the highest standard in our product design, as well as fast and stress-free shipping for our customers.

The Willow Tree

Our namesake and inspiration

Flexible, quiet, and effortlessly beautiful, the willow tree inspires everything we strive to be. Just as the willow is able to bend to unbelievable angles without breaking, our willow panels can be used in endless applications, without ever looking out of place.