A modern bedroom showcasing wide fluted paintable wall panels in black, with a stylish grey bed and a simple white vase with greenery on a bedside table.

Primed to Impress

Fluted Wall Panels for every room, Primed and ready to paint.
Understated Luxury

With subtle, sculpted lines and a primed, ready-to-paint finish, our paintable wall panels create the perfect backdrop without stealing the show.

Strong, Yet Flexible

With its reinforced PVC backing, each panel has the strength and flexibility to bend around curved walls and furniture.

Plus, at just under 1" in thickness, each panel is lightweight and easy to work with, making for the most effortless installation.


Made with high-density, moisture-resistant MDF, each panel is ideally suited for almost every space in the home, including powder rooms and kitchens.

Nicole Demers-Approved

"This was the easiest project— the panelling installs like trim and is very user-friendly. I am in love!"

- Nicole Demers, Designer

Three Styles, Endless Possibilities


The fluted profile accentuates light and shadows with concave lines, which mimic waves to create a flowing, subtle effect.

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The ribbed panels effortlessly combine convex ridges with sleek, linear vertical lines for a classic look.

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The slatted profile consists solely of straight lines and square edges, adding subtle sophistication to any modern space.

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With Slatted, Fluted, and Ribbed patterns available, our paintable wall panels are perfect for adding extra texture and dimension to any space. Primed with a water-based primer and ready to paint, each panel fits together with a repeating pattern and can be installed with screws, nails, or adhesive in minutes.

Coming in either 8' or 9' lengths, an entire wall can be transformed in a fraction of the time when compared to custom millwork or half-length wall panels.

Made from high density, ultra-low VOC MDF, each panel is safe for all residential and commercial applications. Simply paint your colour of choosing, and enjoy.

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