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Willow Panel Samples
Tony W. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Nice on photos. Very poor in reality

The product looks great online. I spent $1,000 and when the product arrived it was poorly packaged and scratched! The connecting black backing was broken and the slats began to warp and move as they are only stapled to the backing! Such a let down and sad experience as our project is a luxury showhouse and sadly this product is so substandard! What a missed opportunity!

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your review and bringing this to our attention. I am so sorry that the order was damaged during the delivery process. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and difficulties this may have caused during your installation.

I checked our records and saw that you never reached out about it. I understand if you were on a tight timeline and maybe didn't have time to wait for replacements; for future reference, we are always happy to replace any damaged products at absolutely no cost to you.

Our email is, please reach out and we would be happy to see if we can make this right. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and once again please accept our sincerest apologies.

Andor Willow Customer Care

Willow Panel Samples
Richard B. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Your calculator predicted two boxes at 249 a box now it’s gonna take 4 boxes.
I’m really not happy.

Paintable Wall Panels
Ernesto P. (San Jose, CA, US)
Wrong item sent because you don’t have the one I needed

I end up paying almost $500.00 including $200.00 shipping charges from Canada for the wrong material, I sent picture of what I need and receive a complete different material, and of course, now is my fault, and they can take it back but I have to pay the $200.00 shipping because they say that is the material that I ordered even that I sent the picture ahead of the order do they can verify what I want, the ribbed material is not even showed in the website and they ship the flats slats instead, I’m very disappointed

Hi Ernesto,

We are so sorry to hear about your recent experience with ordering our product. We understand how frustrating it can be to receive the wrong item; however, we sent you exactly what you ordered, and despite your above comments, you did not provide a picture of what you were trying to order until after we had already delivered your product. Furthermore, the image that you sent us for what you meant to order was from a different company entirely...

Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the best service and we are sorry to hear about your confusion but we've done everything we can to help you and don't appreciate being blamed for a mistake made by you either ordering the wrong item, or ordering from the wrong company. We're doing our best to accomodate your return request, but unfortunately shipping our panels is very expensive and so in order to complete your return, we simply ask that you cover the shipping cost back to us.

andor willow customer service

Paintable Fluted Panel Samples
Kristin K. (Spring Hill, FL, US)
Great Sample Pack

This pack of samples is very helpful when deciding which style you want to use. It shows the products size and quality.

Incredible product! I measured my walls and the last panel was cut perfectly to install. I’m actually thinking about using this product in other parts of my house because of how great was for my last project.

Willow Panel Samples
Brandon B. (Orlando, FL, US)

Beautiful wood. Excited to order full panels soon.

Wood Slat End Piece
Nathalie R. (Ashton, ON, CA)
High quality

Really happy with the outcome

Willow Panel Samples
JOSEPH T. (Ft. Washington, MD, US)

Willow Panel Samples

Tall Willow Panel (9' height)
Arthur R. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Good Quality

Beautiful panels

Arrived quickly but expected better quality.

Tall Willow Panel (9' height)
Customer (Oceanport, NJ, US)
High Quality 9’ panels

Excellent quality & easy installation. Durable backing allows tackling, nailing or gluing. Wiring threads easily through the backing material for attaching lighting. 7’ wide wall with cable & power outlets plus 2 LED light fixtures was done in 1 day including electrical & drywall modifications.

Paintable Fluted Panel Samples
A.H. (Boston, MA, US)
Look good

Looks great, plan to order the panels soon

Wood Slat Room Divider Samples
J.G. (Boston, MA, US)
Helpful to color match!

Samples look great, can't wait to order the full size product

Willow Panel Samples
Kim M. (Negaunee, MI, US)
Pleased with samples

Delayed shipping but pleased with samples. Will likely be making a purchase later in the year.

Tall Willow Panel (9' height)
Watson T. (Anderson, IN, US)
Tall Willow Panel (9' height)

Beautiful panels! Looks great in our space! Received many compliments!

Wood Slat Room Divider
Paulette R. (Newnan, GA, US)
Gorgeous product but careful not to order too much!!

we love the products…but we ordered too much per the calculation they provide and they are only returnable up to 14 days! Our carpenter couldn’t make it in that short of time so now we are stuck with extra product. If we were made aware of the 14 day limit we would have been extra careful. Now we have 7 room dividers and 2 accoustic panels we don’t know what to do with!

Wide Willow Panel
M.G. (Raleigh, NC, US)
Great accent!

The boxes were a bit beat up on arrival, But the panels survived.
Installation was easy once the daunting part of checking and rechecking the measurements (e.g. ceiling angle) prior to making the cuts.
We love the final result—completes the wall mounted squat rack nicely.
We’re considering doing another portion of wall in the same room

Wide Willow Panel
T.D. (Johnstown, PA, US)

We absolutely love our new wide willow panels. They look amazing!

The installation is straight forward, and delivery met our expectations.

Wood Slat Room Divider

Paintable Wall Panels
Kathleen (Vancouver, WA, US)
Great Finished Look

Panels arrived without damage and were an easy DIY project around our fireplace. Great updated look and far less expensive than tile!

Tall Willow Panel (9' height)
W.T. (Indianapolis, IN, US)

Excellent product. Received so many compliments! Looks beautiful in our space.

Willow Panel Samples
Linda H. (Denver, CO, US)
Quick response

Wow. My samples arrived so quickly. Very thick felt. Wood was a nice thickness. Not just veneer

Original Willow Panel (8' height)
K.K. (Hollywood, FL, US)
The best out there!

I used Andor Willow for a project in my kitchen using the white oak with black felt, it was bold and turned out amazing. The customer service and shipping time was absolutely amazing arriving in a few days. Highly recommend this company. The quality wood was superior to most.

Room divider slats

Great product 😀

Paintable Fluted Panel Samples
Patricia S. (Rye, NY, US)

I love the sample.. your form doesn’t work