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Amazing product

Amazing product!! Great quality. Thank you!

Willow panel samples

Love the look but wondering if you can custom make the panels to fit a 9' ceiling?

Hi Patricia, thanks for the review! We're going to be releasing 9' panels on October 1st :)

Oak Willow Panel
Matthew S.
Excellent product & customer service

Really happy with my purchase of the Oak Willow panels. From buying the sample pack through to the purchase of the panels themselves, Sam was excellent to deal with. Installation was straightforward, the quality of the product is great and I’m really happy with the end result.

Hi Matthew, thanks so much for your 5-star review. It was an absolute pleasure helping you with your project! All the best :)

Great product!

I bought 5 panels of the walnut. There was some damage to the product upon delivery but I knew that the couple damaged pieces I could incorporate behind the tv or would be cut off in any case so no complaint needed there.

I would definitely order again and just might!

Thanks again

Hello Steve, thanks for your amazing review. We would've been happy to replace the damaged panels, but glad to hear they didn't impact your final install. Let us know if there's anything we can help you with in the future!

Great Look

These panels look great on our wall. Very impressed with the overall aesthetic it adds to our space!

Oak Willow Panel
Christina R.

Love! Love! Love! What a perfect touch to my living room :)

Fantastic Panels

Purchased the Walnut panels for our bedroom and bathroom. Customer service was very prompt in answering any questions and they arrived quicker than I expected , which is always nice.
Installation / cutting was super easy and the look is just what I was going for.
I would certainly recommend them to anyone!

Oak Willow Panel
Andrew W.
An amazing product

It transformed our plain reno to one with style. Thank you Andor Willow and I highly recommend this product.

Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your 5-star review. We're thrilled we could help you transform your space, it looks amazing!

Oak Willow Panel
Jessica H.
We love it!

We finally got the slats up! The bedroom was done as well, but we’re still waiting for our new bed and new rug, so the room isn’t quite done yet… But we looove the seating nook!!

Walnut Willow Panel
Alexandra A.

If you are thinking about doing this... do it. Completely worth it. Show stopping for sure, and I am so glad I installed this. It was not challenging, and definitely worth it!!

Hi Alexandra, thank you so much for your amazing review! We're thrilled that the installation was easy and the results exceeded your expectations. Cheers!


The product is beautiful. Client super happy.

Love them!

Great product. So easy to install. Fast delivery and great customer service. Already recommended it to 5 of my friends. So many comments on them!

Willow Samples - Wow!

We recently purchased the Willow Panel Sample Pack as we wanted to confirm our choice (Walnut was our obvious choice but wanted to make sure it matched with the rest of the house - the black option is very nice as well) - the samples came within days and are the perfect size to hold up on the wall and see the vision come to life! Very fairly priced as well for getting 3x samples! We can't wait to make the purchase for our Walnut Willow Panels!

Nice product

I just ordered the sample for now .. but i will make a order for sure

Thank you for your review, Alisson! We can't wait to help you with your project in the future :)

Sorry we were disappointed

We want to install walnut slats and like the idea of attached sound proofing. This paneling will be going in a kitchen with solid walnut cabinets. Next to these cabinets, your product looks like veneer instead of matching solid wood.

Hi Marianne, thank you for your review! We're sorry that our products weren't suited for your project, but appreciate you taking the time to share this valuable feedback. You're correct that our slats are not solid walnut. As stated on our website, they're made from an MDF core with a real wood veneer surface. However, we're always working to improve our products and will use your feedback to make decisions about new products in the future. Thanks again and all the best.

Great product

Great product and delivery was fast. Thanks

Hi Francis, thanks for your review! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying the product :) If you have any photos, we'd love to see them!

Oak Willow Panel
Looks great

We installed the panels today. They look great.

Oak Willow Panel
Amatul W.
Ander willow

Loved it it has added amazing beauty to my entrance


Love the samples I have just received.
They are a good size and will make choosing the full panels easy.
The team have quick a response time which I have very much appreciated.

Thrilled with the andor willow panels

I thought I'd leave a review as there weren't many when I purchased and I would have found it helpful.

For context, I wanted a slatted feature wall in my home office so I spent some time doing research on the available options — from a total DIY approach, to having custom hardwood slats milled up, to PVC and composite options and then finally the panels offered by andor willow. There were pros and cons to all options.

I ruled out the DIY route because I had many other projects on the go and couldn't justify the time. I explored having custom slats made, but the cost of hardwood lumber and the labor involved meant that I had estimates in the $6-8k range which was a non-starter. I then ordered some PVC slat wall panel samples as there were many profiles available and they came in 9' lengths which was perfect for my installation. I was underwhelmed with them - the material was flimsy and the fake wood grain (a laminate film) was a no-go. They looked "cheap". Next, I stumbled upon some composite slat wall panels typically used for high-end exteriors. I was fairly impressed with these, but they ultimately didn't have the warmth I was looking for and there wasn't a local dealer nearby. Finally, I decided to check out the panels from andor willow. I originally wrote them off because their panels only come in about 8' lengths and with 9' ceilings, I wasn't looking forward to having a visible seam. After receiving the samples however, I decided that this was the best option. The walnut veneer had the warmth I was looking for, the acoustic felt was a nice touch, the price was right and I liked that they'd be shipped to my place so I didn't have to go pick anything up.

My order was delayed a bit due to supply chain issues and shipping backlogs, though I ordered well in advance of needing them so it wasn't an issue for me. Sam from andor willow kept me in the loop the entire time — even called me a couple of times to make sure the delay was going to be ok. I appreciated that.

Installation was super straight-forward. You could easily put up a wall in a couple hours. As I was super picky about trying to hide the seams where the panels butted together, it took me a little longer than it normally would. I own a track saw which was super helpful for getting square cuts across the panels as well as cutting the last panel down to size. That said, a regular circular saw would work just fine.

Pro Tip: Likely not needed, unless you're a crazy perfectionist like me, but even though I had very tight seams where my panels vertically butted together, because the slats use real veneers, the grain of course wasn't continuous. Believe it or not, I used some pencil crayons and faked out the grain pattern from one panel to the next so it wasn't an abrupt change from slat to slat. I mixed and matched a handful of colours and it totally fools the eye, even up close.

Anyhow, the quality is great and i'm thrilled with the outcome. The panels add a lot of warmth to the space and the acoustic aspect makes the room feel cozy. It's crazy how much a difference they make.

I'd highly recommend them.

Great quality but limited in colour selection

The veneer has a nice feel and looks great. Unfortunately, we are looking for something a little darker and not completely black so that the veining is still somewhat visible. Would be wonderful if there’s an option for dark walnut. All in all, the slats are lovely.

Hi Angelina, thanks so much for taking the time to write a review! We really appreciate the feedback as we work to create more colour and wood finish options. A darker walnut is definitely something we're working on for the future, so stay tuned for updates in the months ahead :)

Thank you!

A huge thank you to you fine folks for your panel. The pictures do not do it justice. We installed hinges on one side and a magnetic close on the other to hide a hideous electrical panel that was installed in our dining room! I've attached pictures but again, looks a million times better in real life. The box was pretty banged up on arrival but thanks to the care taken in packaging we had no issues or damage. Thanks again!

Very nice quality

Using these for an aesthetic look on a wall in our home gym. Nice that they are not as heavy as other slat wall options.

Hello, thank you for review! We can't wait to see your completed home gym project :)

Willow Panel Sample Pack


Love the product...and really professional set up with email communications re. the delivery. Thank you.