10 Calming Japandi Bedroom Designs

warm minimalist bedroom with japanse plywood closet doors

While the term "Japandi" does feel pretty trendy (anything that's popular on Pinterest usually does), both Scandinavian and Japanese design are some of the most timeless design styles in existence.

Both are rooted in a respect for nature, simplicity, and calming atmospheres, and typically value form & function over decorative ornamentation.

Not only that, but both styles have been popular for well over half a century, so even if you cringe a little when you hear "Japandi this, Japandi that", both Scandinavian and Japanese design principles are here to stay. 

What materials are used in Japandi style?

Both Japanese and Scandinavian styles favour natural materials. Of course wood is the most heavily used (both lighter species like white oak and ash, as well as darker species like cherry or walnut), but stone, concrete, cotton and linen are great materials to use as well.

Especially in a bedroom environment, there's so much opportunity to bring these natural materials into the space in a Japandi-inspired way. Opt for cotton bedding over polyester or silk. Go for a wood bed frame over a tufted or laminated one.

These natural materials contribute to the neutral colour palette that is so prominent in Japandi design - pops of colour are rare, and often brought in by yet other natural elements like indoor plants or living decor, rather than heavily dyed/painted elements like you might see in other design styles.

Bringing Japandi Into The Bedroom

Japandi is an especially great style for the bedroom, as the calming elements of nature and clean lines help the body relax after a long day, or wake up calmly even in times of stress.

Both cultures have a distinct respect for the home, and recognize the home as a place designed to feed and nurture the soul. As we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, making your space one that nurtures your soul feels like a good use of your time.

We've compiled some of our favourite Japandi Bedroom Design Ideas below to serve as inspiration - take a look and see if this design is right for your bedroom!

1. Minimalist Japandi Bedroom With Plywood Doors

japandi bedroom with plywood closet doors and light-colored bedding

Starting with the minimalist apartment of LA artist Kirill Bergart, here we have a clean, light bedroom design that uses subtle wood accents to create a calming, naturalistic feel.

The Japanese-style lamp, combined with the raw plywood closet doors is reminiscent of Japanese architecture, while the wooden stool and neutral bedding adds the Scandinavian touch to make this a quintessential Japandi design.

2. Warm Japandi Bedroom With Fluted Wall Panelling

Japandi bedroom with orange throw pillows fluted wood wall panelling and warmly colored bedding

This Studio Nishita Kamdar-designed apartment emphasizes warmth and coziness through nature and warm textile colour palettes.

The fluted oak wall panelling provides a natural backdrop for the warm bedding, creating connection between the bed and the rest of the room without the need for a traditional headboard. 

3. Minimal Japandi Bedroom With Limewash Floors

simple bedroom with white oak bedframe and a black floor lamp

Are those limewash floors we're seeing, or just brushed concrete? Either way, the subtle floor texture reminiscent of modern (and not-so-modern) European architecture, combined with the minimalist furniture and wall art makes this space a dream.

The light oak bed frame sets the tone for the space, while the stool and the lamp adds just the right amount of functional decor. While we're suckers for oversized art prints, there's something artfully sophisticated about a single, framed, miniature art piece. All in all, chefs kiss for this minimal space.

4. Modern Japandi Bedroom With Vertical Oak Wood Slats

modern bedroom with a vertical oak wood slat wall headboard and warm white walls

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Despite being extremely popular right now, vertical wood slats are hardly a new design feature - vertical slatted wood has been a feature of Japanese interior design and architecture for centuries, and is simply being brought back in style as we all look for ways to make our walls a little more interesting.

By combining a neutral colour pallet with white oak plank flooring and a vertical wood slat wall behind the bed, Canadian interior design firm Studio Ninety Design creates a Japanese-inspired bedroom with a modern touch. 

5. Japandi Bedroom With a Wood Slat Room Divider

minimalist japandi bedroom with a flexible wood slat room divider and framed vintage wall art

Room dividers have made a major comeback (thanks, COVID), and these curved wood slat dividers are the perfect embodiment of Japandi - rich in both form and function, they can be used to literally divide rooms, but also add interesting texture and clean lines to a space.

6. Moody Japanese Zen Bedroom Design

moody japanese bedroom design with a vertical wood slat room divider

This one's on the darker side, and definitely doesn't have the same airiness as the other spaces we've looked at.

So what makes this design Japandi? The biggest factor is the focus on natural wood surfaces, whether it's the vertical wood slat room divider or the hardwood panelling on the right side of the frame.

Both of these elements, combined with the minimalist nature of the space draw significant inspiration from the Japanese Zen design style, one of the core styles that is incorporated into Japandi.

7. Warm Scandinavian Bedroom With a Vertical Wood Slat Wall

dimly lit bedroom with wall sconces and a vertical wood slat accent wall

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The vertical wood slat wall in this Scandinavian bedroom gives a subtly sophisticated texture for the light to play with. Each sconce adds a warm glow that transforms the simply-designed bedroom into a cozy haven.

10/10 would hibernate here.

8. Japan-Inspired Country Retreat Bedroom

japanese style bedroom in country home

Time for a quick celeb guest appearance - this extra Zen bedroom is that of Colombian superstar J Balvin, who says "A house should be a place where you can rest your spirit. I’ve tried to create places that feed my soul, not my ego". 

We couldn't agree more, and if there was ever a bedroom that feeds the soul, this is it!

The white oak veneered wall panels make you feel like you're surrounded by nature, while the subtle horizontal wood slats above the window allow light to come in while simultaneously adding that quintessential Japanese touch of wood slats. 

9. Grounded Boutique Hotel Bedroom

warm bedroom with solid oak bed frame and large window facing outdoor patio

The minimal profile of the solid wood bed frame anchors this space in neutrality and minimalism, allowing the grand floor-to-ceiling window and the subtle decor choices to shine. 

10. Light and Airy Scandi Bedroom

white bedroom with indoor olive tree framed art and a slatted wood headboard

Combining natural wood and metal finishes with indoor plants and linen bedding will never lead you astray. This room feels simultaneously youthful and grown up, providing the perfect backdrop for your Sunday mornings. While the wood slats in this design are horizontal, they still add that touch of Japan to make this otherwise Scandinavian design a great example of Japandi style.

Bonus: Three-Quarter Height Vertical Wood Slat Wall Headboard

light Scandinavian bedroom with neutral bedding and a vertical wood slat accent wall behind the bed

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Sent from one of our own customers, this modern-yet-grounded bedroom exudes luxury in the most beautiful, understated way. From the low-profile canvas headboard, to the vintage miniature alarm clock, we love everything about this modern bedroom design.


Whether the word Japandi will still be circulating Architectural Digest in 5 years remains to be seen, but there's no doubt that great design will continue to be inspired by all cultures, including those of Scandinavia and Japan. 

Is this the style for you? What do you like and dislike about it? Let us know below. 

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