A bright room divided by a striking walnut wood slat partition, with a cosy seating area, modern fireplace, and a verdant outdoor view through floor-to-ceiling windows.

A Little Separation
Has Never Looked This Good

Easy-to-install wood slat room divider
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Easy Installation Our included hardware kit, pre-drilled wood slats, and comprehensive instructions make installation a breeze.
Solid Wood Every wood slat is crafted from a solid wood core, and finished with real White Oak or Walnut veneer.
floor to ceiling wooden slat room divider in luxury midcentury modern home
closeup image of rotating wood slats in vertical wood slat room divider
midcentury living room with vintage furniture and a floor-to-ceiling walnut vertical wood slat room divider
Wood Slat Room Divider
closeup image of vertical walnut slats that rotate as part of a wood slat partition system
closeup image of vertical white oak slats that rotate as part of a wood slat partition system
modern european dining room with a vertical rotating wood slat room divider
closeup image of a white oak wood slat with pre-drilled holes for room divider hardware
European White Oak veneer wood slat
white oak wood slat 12cm in width
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Wood Finish

The first of its kind in North America, the Wood Slat Room Divider from andor willow is an innovative and stylish room divider that creates separation in a space, while simultaneously elevating the aesthetic appeal. 

Crafted from a carbonized solid wood core, each slat is perfectly straight and dimensionally stable, every time. The slats come pre-finished; the Walnut slats are stained for a warm, natural tone and finished with a satin lacquer. The Oak slats are finished with a satin clear coat lacquer.

Included with every order is our patented hardware kit, which allows each slat to be rotated 360º.

Not only that, but the hardware design allows you to move and remove the slats without damaging them - the spring-loaded design keeps the slats securely in place, while still allowing them to be easily removed in seconds when needed.

Included in the Box : Everything You Need

We've spent two years crafting the most durable, intuitive and easy-to-use hardware kit.

What used to require several tools and an expert for installation, is now a stress-free DIY project.

No Drilling Required

Our solid wood slats come with machine precision-drilled holes, so the hardware simply needs to be inserted and tightened with a screwdriver.

Modular and Adaptable

Move it, reconfigure it, add to it, bring it with you.

While it looks like it was custom built, the room divider can be removed and endlessly reconfigured without damaging the slats.

Close-up of vertical wooden wall panels against a smooth concrete floor, showcasing the blend of wooden and concrete textures.

Matte Black,
Low Profile Hardware

Our $99 hardware kit, included free with every box


Each slat is fastened to the floor and ceiling independently. This makes for the most straightforward installation and allows you to rotate each slat individually from the others.

Our slats are crafted from two materials:

1. The core of each slat is made from solid carbonized pine, which has been heat-treated to prevent warping and twisting over time.

2. The surface of each slat is a 1mm thick natural wood veneer, from either American Black Walnut or European White Oak. All four sides of each slat are veneered.

Please note, it's a common misconception that "veneer" means "artificial" or "fake". Wood veneer is simply a slice of real wood (not melamine or laminate) that is securely adhered to a solid core. It has been used by furniture makers for hundreds of years as it has all the benefits of solid wood (same look and feel) without the twisting and warping of solid wood.

Yes, the slats are easy to cut with a circular or mitre saw and a standard wood blade. The edges can even be sanded if desired.

The pre-drilled holes in each end (for the hardware) are 4cm deep. The hardware requires 2.6cm of depth to fit properly in each end, so if you cut more than 1.4cm from either end of the wood slats, you'll need to re-drill the holes for the hardware. This will require a 7/16" drill bit.

We don't offer cutting services or custom sizes at this time.

The hardware kit includes four spring-loaded pins and four threaded bolts, as well as eight floor/ceiling plates. 20 black Phillips screws are also included.

The spring-loaded pins can be easily compressed, allowing them to fit inside the ceiling plates. Once they're released, the spring expands the pin and holds the slat in place from the ceiling.

The threaded bolt works similarly, but on the floor. The bolt is fitted into the floor plates, and then twisted to expand outwards. The combination of the floor and ceiling hardware holds each slat in place, and allows each slat to rotate 360º.

Due to limited availability, we do not sell the hardware kit without the slats.

Yes! The wood is sanded to 320 grit and left unfinished. It can be installed like this, or stained on-site with the finish of your choosing. The wood can also be painted on-site if desired.

  • Each box contains 4 wood slats.
  • Each box weighs about 40 lbs.
  • Orders of 6 boxes or less will ship via parcel mail and are delivered without a signature required.
  • 7 boxes of more will ship on a pallet with liftgate service at delivery, and signature required.
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