10 Renter Friendly Wall Decor Ideas That Your Landlord Will Allow

apartment decorated with renter friendly decor

The tedious feeling of moving into an apartment with nothing but bland creamy walls is something that you will never get used to. Oftentimes as a renter, it feels like changing, renovating, or beautifying your apartment is a breach of your lease.

The good news is you can typically renovate your apartment provided that the change does not cause any permanent harm to the property. (It’s important to note this is often based on the local laws where you live so it’s worth checking those first!)

Renter-friendly wall makeovers can be an economical and fast way of changing the look of your apartment without causing irreparable damage to the walls. The key is to either use adhesives or small enough screws that only leave small holes that can be quickly patched.

Renter Friendly Accent Walls

hanging decor on tables without damaging the walls


One of the easiest ways to decorate your apartment’s walls is by designing an accent wall. Accent walls allow you to change the entire feel of a room without the need for a complete renovation.

Some common materials for accent walls include; wallpaper, mirros, wall decals, and many different hangable decor. The good news is there’s ways to make these all renter friendly if you’re creative enough!

Renter-Friendly Wallpaper: Bringing Personality and Style

renter friendly wallpaper

The bland, white, or cream walls in your rental space can be spruced up with removable wallpaper. Removable wallpaper is a game-changer for renters, as it offers an array of benefits that traditional wallpaper lacks. One of the most significant advantages is its ease of application and removal.

These wallpapers are designed with self-adhesive backing, allowing you to effortlessly apply them to your walls without the need for glue or paste. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to personalize their space without risking their security deposit.

When selecting patterns and designs for your renter-friendly wallpaper, there are a few things to consider. If you're unsure, opting for neutral or subtle patterns can ensure versatility and make it easier to coordinate with various design elements.

peele and stick floral removeable wall paper

However, if you're feeling bold and adventurous, don't shy away from vibrant patterns and eye-catching designs. Geometric prints, floral motifs, or even a whimsical mural can add a unique touch to your space and become a conversation starter. Just strike a balance between the wallpaper and the rest of the room's elements to avoid overwhelming the space.

Consider the size of the room as well. If you have a small space, opting for wallpapers with lighter colors or delicate patterns can create an illusion of openness and make the room feel airier. On the other hand, in larger rooms, you have more freedom to experiment with bolder designs and darker shades.

Renter-Friendly Wood Slat Wall Panels

wood slat panels accent wall

Wood slat panels can transform plain walls into stunning focal points, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. While you will need to put screws into your wall to hang these, if installed correctly you’ll only have screw holes that can be patched before moving out. Again it’s important to check the material of your wall to ensure you won’t be causing permanent damage and/or breaking your lease. 


Hanging Decor without Holes: Creative Alternatives

woman hanging renter friendly wall decor

When it comes to holes in the walls, the size and difficulty of hiding them when you leave is one of the most critical factors. For example larger holes left behind from mounting a TV or heavy shelves might require more extensive repairs, potentially involving patching, sanding, and repainting. On the other hand, small nail or screw holes or lightweight hooks are usually easier to patch and conceal.

If you're concerned about potential damage affecting your security deposit, there are a few strategies you can employ. First, consider using removable adhesive hooks or picture-hanging strips specifically designed for damage-free removal. These can support lightweight items and leave minimal residue or damage upon removal. 

Patching Small Holes

For small nail holes or small-sized wall anchors, you can use wall putty or spackling compound to fill the holes. White walls may be easier to patch since wall putty is often available in white color. However, if your walls are a different color, matching the paint may be necessary to ensure a seamless repair. In such cases, you might want to consider keeping some extra paint or obtaining a small sample to have on hand for touch-ups when you move out.

Document Your Changes

Proper documentation is crucial. Take photographs of the condition of the walls before hanging any decorations, and keep a record of any repairs or touch-ups you make before you move out. This documentation can serve as evidence of your efforts to maintain the property and help support your claim for the return of your security deposit.

Ultimately, it's advisable to review your lease agreement, familiarize yourself with local laws, and communicate openly with your landlord or property manager to ensure you understand their specific expectations regarding wall hangings and potential wall damage.

Customizing with Renter-Friendly Decor

hanging hats in an apartment as decor

When it comes to personalizing your rented space, there are numerous renter-friendly decor ideas and accessories that can make a big impact without causing damage to the walls. Let’s have a look at some suggestions to inspire your creativity:

Wall decals and stickers

wall decals for renters

Wall decals are an easy and removable way to add art, quotes, or patterns to your walls. They come in various designs and can be easily applied and removed without leaving residue. You can choose decals that reflect your interests, hobbies, or favorite quotes to create a personalized touch.

Gallery walls

hanging pictures in an apartment

Create a stunning focal point by curating a gallery wall with a mix of framed artwork, photographs, and even mirrors. You can use removable adhesive hooks or picture-hanging strips to display your favorite pieces. Mix and match different frame styles, sizes, and artwork to create a unique composition that reflects your style.

Hanging textiles

hanging textiles in an apartment

Add warmth and texture to your space by incorporating hanging textiles such as tapestries, macrame wall hangings, or fabric panels.

Photo collage

photos hanging over a bed

Create a photo collage on your wall with all your favorite memories. You can use string or adhesive photo squares that won't damage your walls when it's time to take them down.

Decorative shelving

decorative shelving in an apartment

Install freestanding or wall-mounted shelves to showcase your favorite decor items, books, or plants. This not only adds visual interest but also provides functional storage space.

Accent lighting

accent lighting for apartment renters

Enhance the ambiance of your space by incorporating renter-friendly lighting options. Use floor or table lamps to add soft, warm lighting, or hang lights to create a cozy and magical atmosphere. Battery-operated or plug-in options are convenient and do not require complicated wiring.


black accent light on a shelf

Mirrors not only serve a practical purpose but also help to visually expand the space and reflect light. Hang mirrors on walls or use freestanding mirrors to add depth and dimension to your rooms. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose a style that complements your overall decor.

Renter-friendly renovations and makeovers present a world of possibilities for transforming your space while preserving the integrity of your walls. By embracing temporary fixes, incorporating your style, and collaborating with your landlord, you can create a home that reflects your unique identity and brings you joy every time you step through the door.

By utilizing these ideas, you can transform your rented space into a personalized oasis that reflects your personality and style, all without compromising the walls or risking your security deposit.

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