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Charcoal Willow Panel
closeup image of black wood slat acoustic panel with black screw through the black felt backing

Charcoal Willow Panel

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With a sleek black finish, the Charcoal Willow Panel creates a bold, modern feeling in any space, all while reducing echo and enhancing your acoustics. Perfect for adding character and contrast, the panel can be installed as a standalone accent or used to create an entire feature wall, ceiling, or something different. 

Each panel also has sound dampening properties, reducing echo in any room and making your space feel finished, comfortable, and welcoming.

The felt backing is crafted from recycled materials, while each slat is expertly engineered from an MDF core with a fire-resistant HPL finish. Each slat has a 3D simulated wood grain texture which runs subtly under the charcoal black surface.

Each box contains (2) pieces that fit together seamlessly to create one 94.5"x23.9" panel. The tongue-and-groove design of the panels allows them to be installed side-by-side, creating one, uniform slat wall with no vertical seams or gaps.

To install, simply place the panel(s) in the desired location and drill through the felt into your desired surface. From there, the panels are only as permanent as you want them to be - they look like they were built-in from the beginning, but come down in seconds if needed, with virtually no damage left behind.

Behind the wood slats is 0.38" PET felt, which is made from recycled water bottles and 100% recyclable. This backing holds the slats permanently in place, and makes installation a breeze.

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Panel Height 94.49" (240cm)
Panel Width 23.62" (60cm)
Panel Depth 0.83" (21mm)
Slat Width 1.06" (27mm)
Slat Depth 0.47" (12mm)
Space Between Slats 0.51" (13mm)
Slat Finish Material Fire-resistant Black HPL
Slat Core Material MDF (CARB P2 Compliant)
Backing Material Acoustical Polyester Felt
3rd party certified
Class A Sound Absorption

Nothing makes a room feel cold and unfinished like echo and reverberations. That's why each Willow Panel absorbs up to 100% of sound frequencies between 500-1000Hz, making your space space sound warm and well-balanced.

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