Walnut Willow Panel
midcentury modern dining room with a vertical walnut wood slat feature wall
Walnut Willow Panel
Walnut Willow Panel
midcentury modern kitchen with clay pottery on open shelving and a walnut wood slat accent wall

Walnut Willow Panel

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With its natural tone and elegant grain pattern, the Walnut Willow Panel adds a stroke of brooding elegance to any space. Every panel comes fully assembled, with each slat securely attached to the soft felt backing and ready for installation.

The panels can be easily cut on site, allowing for unique combinations and total customization.

Each panel also has sound dampening properties, reducing echo in any room and making your space feel finished, comfortable, and welcoming.

The panels come lacquered with a clear satin finish for long-term durability and a warm, natural tone.

Each box contains (2) pieces that fit together seamlessly to create one 94.5"x23.9" panel. The tongue-and-groove design of the panels allows them to be installed side-by-side, creating one, uniform slat wall with no vertical seams or gaps.

To install, simply place the panel(s) in the desired location and drill through the felt into your desired surface. From there, the panels are only as permanent as you want them to be - they look like they were built-in from the beginning, but come down in seconds if needed, with virtually no damage left behind.

Behind the wood slats is 0.38" PET felt, which is made from recycled water bottles and 100% recyclable. This backing holds the slats permanently in place, and makes installation a breeze.

Orders ship from our facilities in Toronto, directly to your door. Most orders are processed and shipped within 3 business days unless otherwise noted. We ship across continental North America, not including Alaska.

What do I need for installation?

For installation, you will need a drill and any appropriate fastening hardware. For example, if you're mounting into drywall (rather than studs), you'll want to purchase drywall anchors with the appropriate screws. Please note screws are not included with the panel.

Can I cut the panels?

Yes, absolutely. The panels are easy to cut using a handsaw or a circular saw. Simply measure twice and cut once!

Can I hang a TV from the panels?

We don't recommend hanging a TV directly from the panels, instead cut out a gap for the TV mount and mount it to your wall as you regularly would. From there, you can install the panels around the mount before hanging your TV from the mount.

How do I wash the panels?

The best way to wash the slats is with a well-wrung cloth or duster. If you ever want to clean the felt between the slats, simply use a vacuum.

What's your return policy?

Please read our Shipping & Returns policy here.

What happens if my order arrives damaged?

Send us an email at support@andorwillow.com with images of the damage within 48 hours of delivery, and we will find a solution for you immediately.

Height 94.49" (240cm)
Width 23.62" (60cm)
Depth 0.83" (2.1cm)
Slat Width
1.06" (27mm)
Slat Depth
0.47" (12mm)
Width Between Slats
0.51" (13mm)
Slat Finish Material Wood Veneer
Slat Core Material MDF (CARB P2 Compliant)
Backing Material Polyester Felt
Buy a Panel, Plant a Tree We plant one tree for every panel sold, in the areas that need it most.
Prefinished Wood Each panel comes prefinished, so there's no need to stain or lacquer yourself. Simply unbox and install!
Free Shipping in Canada on orders of 2+ boxes.
Something From Nothing Our acoustical felt backing is made from 100% recycled materials.
Making Mid-Century, Modern

Combine the nostalgia of 1960's California design with the modernity of clean lines and minimalism.

Fully Finished

Every Walnut Willow Panel is stained to highlight the rich warmth of the wood, and then lacquered for UV protection and durability.

All that's left is a simple installation.

9' Panels available
Reaching New Heights

Our exclusive Tall Willow Panel allows you to create a seamless wood slat feature wall on walls that are 9' high, no cutting required.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Joy A.
Very satisfied

Very satisfied with the product.

Mylene T. (Moncton, NB, CA)
Simply beautiful

We ordered a few walnut panels and they were easy to work with. It looks sophisticated from far and up close. The black backing hides the wall behind so no need to paint. Our first thought was to cut wood slates ourself and paint the back black, but I’m now very glad of andor willow panels (I’ve seen a few projects out there that just don’t measure up in quality and simplicity :)

Hey Mylene, thank you so much for this amazing review and the gorgeous photo. Your space looks amazing! All the best :)

Alexandra A. (Edmonton, AB, CA)

If you are thinking about doing this... do it. Completely worth it. Show stopping for sure, and I am so glad I installed this. It was not challenging, and definitely worth it!!

Hi Alexandra, thank you so much for your amazing review! We're thrilled that the installation was easy and the results exceeded your expectations. Cheers!

Francis R. (Repentigny, QC, CA)
Great product

Great product and delivery was fast. Thanks

Hi Francis, thanks for your review! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying the product :) If you have any photos, we'd love to see them!

Mike W. (Port Elgin, ON, CA)
Thrilled with the andor willow panels

I thought I'd leave a review as there weren't many when I purchased and I would have found it helpful.

For context, I wanted a slatted feature wall in my home office so I spent some time doing research on the available options — from a total DIY approach, to having custom hardwood slats milled up, to PVC and composite options and then finally the panels offered by andor willow. There were pros and cons to all options.

I ruled out the DIY route because I had many other projects on the go and couldn't justify the time. I explored having custom slats made, but the cost of hardwood lumber and the labor involved meant that I had estimates in the $6-8k range which was a non-starter. I then ordered some PVC slat wall panel samples as there were many profiles available and they came in 9' lengths which was perfect for my installation. I was underwhelmed with them - the material was flimsy and the fake wood grain (a laminate film) was a no-go. They looked "cheap". Next, I stumbled upon some composite slat wall panels typically used for high-end exteriors. I was fairly impressed with these, but they ultimately didn't have the warmth I was looking for and there wasn't a local dealer nearby. Finally, I decided to check out the panels from andor willow. I originally wrote them off because their panels only come in about 8' lengths and with 9' ceilings, I wasn't looking forward to having a visible seam. After receiving the samples however, I decided that this was the best option. The walnut veneer had the warmth I was looking for, the acoustic felt was a nice touch, the price was right and I liked that they'd be shipped to my place so I didn't have to go pick anything up.

My order was delayed a bit due to supply chain issues and shipping backlogs, though I ordered well in advance of needing them so it wasn't an issue for me. Sam from andor willow kept me in the loop the entire time — even called me a couple of times to make sure the delay was going to be ok. I appreciated that.

Installation was super straight-forward. You could easily put up a wall in a couple hours. As I was super picky about trying to hide the seams where the panels butted together, it took me a little longer than it normally would. I own a track saw which was super helpful for getting square cuts across the panels as well as cutting the last panel down to size. That said, a regular circular saw would work just fine.

Pro Tip: Likely not needed, unless you're a crazy perfectionist like me, but even though I had very tight seams where my panels vertically butted together, because the slats use real veneers, the grain of course wasn't continuous. Believe it or not, I used some pencil crayons and faked out the grain pattern from one panel to the next so it wasn't an abrupt change from slat to slat. I mixed and matched a handful of colours and it totally fools the eye, even up close.

Anyhow, the quality is great and i'm thrilled with the outcome. The panels add a lot of warmth to the space and the acoustic aspect makes the room feel cozy. It's crazy how much a difference they make.

I'd highly recommend them.

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Tired of your home sounding like an echo chamber? Each Willow Panel absorbs up to 100% of sound frequencies between 500-1000Hz, making your space space sound naturally warm and welcoming.