10 Bedroom Wood Panel Wall Ideas That You'll Fall in Love With

10 Bedroom Wood Panel Wall Ideas That You'll Fall in Love With

Wood panelling has long been a popular choice in bedroom design, thanks to its timeless appeal and ability to add warmth and texture to a space. Whether you opt for traditional tongue-and-groove panels or a more modern wood panelling style, the right wood paneling can turn any bedroom into the cozy oasis it should be.

From rustic log cabins to sleek modern apartments, wood paneling is a versatile choice that can enhance the look and feel of any space. Today, we'll explore some of the ways that designers and homeowners are using wood panels in the bedroom, from accent walls to full room treatments.

1. Warm Mid-Century Bedroom Wood Slat Accent Wall

sunny midcentury modern bedroom with a vertical wood slat accent wall behind the bed

In this stunning bedroom, a wood slat accent wall takes center stage, providing a grounding focal point that draws the eyes immediately beyond the bed and into the rest of the room. Meanwhile, the straight, clean lines of the furniture and lighting highlight the wood paneling, resulting in a dynamic and visually interesting space that's both cozy and contemporary. 

2. Fluted Wall Panelling in Modern Bedroom

calming bedroom with natural decor and fluted white wall panelling behind the bed

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This calming bedroom design showcases white fluted wall panelling that serves as a beautiful backdrop for the cozy sleeping area. The warm texture of the panelling complements the neutral colour scheme of the room, creating a cohesive and mature atmosphere that still feels youthful. All in all, this bedroom is visually stunning and harmonious, blending both comfort and style.

3. Minimalist Scandinavian Bedroom Accent Wall

minimalist scandinavian bedroom with light bedding and a vertical oak wood slat accent wall behind the bed
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In this thoughtfully designed bedroom, a serene and calming atmosphere is immediately apparent, thanks to the clever use of color, texture and lighting. The light, airy tones of the wood panelling and the oak furniture add a light, airy feel, while the plush bedding and cozy textiles add warmth and comfort.

This bedroom is a testament to how a bedroom doesn't need a lot of stuff to be beautiful - it just needs the right materials and a few thoughtful decor items.

4. Organic-Style Bedroom With Painted Wall Panelling


This sophisticated bedroom certainly isn't afraid of a little colour, and why should it be? The cool colour scheme and understated furnishings keep the bedroom cozy (as it should be) while the plush linens and painted v-groove wall panelling behind the bed add a touch of luxury. Overall, this masterfully crafted design showcases a perfect blend of form and function, creating an unforgettable and inviting space.

5. Vintage Mid-Century Bedroom With Vertical Wood Wall Panelling

vintage bedroom with vertical wood wall panelling behind bed

Just, wow. This bedroom has that perfect blend of timeless, vintage sensibilities, without feeling dated and stuffy, but also without feeling too curated. The Herman Miller light fixture plays effortlessly with the layered bedding colours, while the vertical wood wall panelling behind the bed creates a perfect mix of warmth and timelessness.  No doubt about it, we would spend every Sunday morning right here, if given the chance.

6. Walnut Wood Slat Bedroom Accent Wall

walnut wood slat accent wall in modern organic bedroom design
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This bedroom design does less with more, combining some simple greenery, a painted green wall, some sunlight, and of course, the walnut wood slat accent wall behind the bed. The bedding itself also adds some contrast, while the darker linens play with the painted wall and the contrast added by the wood slat panels.

7. Rustic Mid-Century Wood Panelled Bedroom

mid-century bedroom with floor to ceiling wood wall panelling and rustic bedding with vintage light fixtures

This midcentury-inspired bedroom is a masterclass in design and style. The warm and inviting color scheme of the room is perfectly complemented by the stunning wood wall paneling that serves as a beautiful backdrop for the cozy sleeping area. The plush bedding, featuring a combination of rich textures and bold patterns, adds a touch of luxury to the space, while the carefully curated furnishings, such as the chic nightstands and stylish pendant lights, create a sense of understated elegance. The overall design aesthetic is a perfect blend of midcentury charm and modern sophistication, showcasing a masterful use of materials and textures to create a truly unforgettable and inviting space.

8. Minimal Mid-Century Bedroom With Wood Slat Accent Wall Panelling


scandinavian bedroom with walnut wood slat accent wall dark bedding and brushed concrete floors


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If Bruce Wayne and Don Draper had a nephew that they took under their wing, this is probably what the nephew's bedroom would look like after he moved out and got his own place. This room, likely similar to its owner, is effortlessly curated, brooding, but with unmistakable touches of warmth and approachability.

The cold texture of the brushed concrete floor is warmed up by the vertical walnut wood slats, while the dark bedding and tasteful art selection make the space full of understated personality. It truly doesn't get any better than this.

9. White Oak Wall Panelled Bedroom

scandinavian bedroom with white oak veneer wall panelling and a solid oak bed frame with white bedding

If peace and tranquility had a home, this would be it. Between the white oak veneer wall panelling, the custom floating nightstand and the classic Togo chair, this bedroom just oozes elevated taste that's still warm and welcoming. Pair that with the outdoor wood slat cladding and the floor-to-ceiling windows and you have a timeless, yet beautifully modern bedroom.

10. Sunny Wood Panel Accent Wall Bedroom


Natural elements always go well together and in this midcentury-inspired bedroom, sunlight and wooden wall panelling steal the show. The beauty about using natural materials in interior design is that you don't need a whole lot else - the bedding and light fixtures are simple, but thanks to the material selection, the room doesn't feel any less luxurious for it.

Decorative wood wall panels are a great way to create a wood panel accent wall in the bedroom - if you're looking for elegant wood slat wall panelling for your bedroom renovation, andor willow has what you need!


japandi bedroom with white oak wood slat wall panelling


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