10 Stunning Wood Slat Headboard Ideas

vertical wood slat accent wall in modern bedroom

While it doesn't seem to serve much functional purpose anymore, the headboard is a crucial part of any bedroom design. 


A headboard says "I'm an adult". It says "I have my life together" (mostly). It says "I care about aesthetics and functionality". 

Without a headboard, your bed is just a floating platform to sleep on. It's not an oasis. It's not a cozy, protected space of comfort, it's just...there.

A headboard creates separation between your bed and the wall, keeping your pillows where they should be, AND it adds a visual cohesion that is essential to any great bedroom design. 

Because the bed is often the first thing someone sees when they enter your bedroom, and the headboard is positioned directly behind it, it can often make (or break) the first impression guests have of your bedroom. It can also make or break your feeling towards your own bedroom every...single...day.

So, how to choose a headboard? You can go with whatever came with your bed, you can add something afterwards, or you can make something yourself!

Wood slat headboards are great for adding a touch of visual interest to the space behind your bed, without stealing the show. 

Because they're often mounted to the wall rather than your bed, wood slat headboards also have an incredibly small footprint. This is perfect for smaller rooms or if you just want to maximize the usable floor space in your bedroom.

Wood slat headboards can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and there are a couple of other creative ways to create this look! From wall-mounted to custom-built to our favourite IKEA options, we're going to explore our favourite wood slat headboard ideas today.

1. Horizontal Oak Wood Slat Headboard

floating bedside table with white sheets and a horizontal oak wood slats headboard

This warm, minimalist bedroom plays with white oak accents throughout, from the flooring to the floating nightstand, and finally to the wall-mounted horizontal wood slat headboard. This headboard was created by simply mounting a single White Oak Wood Slat Wall Panel to the wall, which means it effectively takes up no floor space whatsoever.

2. Full-Length Vertical Wood Slat Wall Headboard

modern bedroom with vertical wood slat accent wall behind bed with minimalist furniture and decor
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While the actual headboard on this bed is a low-profile canvas headboard, the real showstopper is the full-length wood slat accent wall behind the bed. By using minimalist furniture and small, dainty decor items, this homeowner was able to add visual interest to an otherwise low-profile space, without overdoing it. What's the result? A stunning room that excites the eye in the best way possible.

3. Custom Millwork Wood Slat Headboard

modern organic bedroom with black wall sconces and a wood slat headboard

This bedroom, designed by Leclair Home touched on every detail, from the black accents to the greenery to the white oak bed, it's hard not to love this space. The vertical wood slats behind the bed seem to be a part of the bed itself, while also extending behind the nightstand to tie all the furniture pieces together. 

4. Thin Reeded Wood Slat Headboard

modern bedroom design with herringbone oak flooring and a vertical wood slat headboard behind the bed

Instead of thicker, more robust slats like the previous space, this bedroom design opts for thinner, grooved wood slats that are create a more subtle slatted look. Because the bedding and decor in this space are more "busy", the subtle thin wood slats are there to provide a tasteful backdrop, rather than take centre stage.

5. Bedroom Vertical Wood Slat Accent Wall

midcentury bedroom with walnut wood slat wall panelling behind bed
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Okay, not a headboard per se (again) but what's not to love about this bedroom? The bed frame appears to be the IKEA BJÖRKSNÄS, an affordable classic, but the vertical walnut wood slats behind the bed really make this room a jaw-dropper. Especially with the sunlight streaming in in the morning, this is a room we'd happily spend many consecutive Sunday mornings in.

6. Japandi-Style Wood Slat Headboard

sunny Scandinavian bedroom with a horizontal wood slat headboard and light colored bedding

IKEA, you've done it again. If you're anywhere *but* North America, you should be able to get your hands on the MANDAL Headboard. Serving as a visual focal point while also adding two nightstands (with two shelves each!), this European staple completes this Japandi bedroom.

7. Walnut Vertical Wood Slat Bedroom Accent Wall

sunny minimalist midcentury modern bedroom with vertical wood slat wall panelling behind bed

Another one that's not a true headboard - sue us! It's worth including! The actual headboard here is a simple horizontal wood one, but because of how low-profile it is, the room needs something else to make it more interesting. While accent walls can be overdone if they're too busy, the vertical wood slat wall panels keep this space modern and organic without being too much.

8. Vertical Wood Slat Accent Wall 

modern bedroom with vertical wood slat wall panels behind bed

This bedroom has so many things we love - the floating nightstand, the hanging light and the oak flooring all set the tone for the rest of the space. This is the first bedroom in the list that has TWO nightstands - who would've thought doubling up on nightstands could look so good? By framing out the wood slat panels with wood slat end pieces, this homeowner achieved a millwork-level finished product, without the price tag.

9. Modern Organic Bedroom With a Horizontal Wood Slat Headboard

organic modern bedroom with a vertical wood slat headboard and natural plants

This design takes the wall-mounted wood slat panel look that we saw above and elevates it by building out a half wall behind the bed, before adding the horizontal wood slats. This creates a ledge to add art, a mirror, and other decor above the bed, while also adding an element of separation between the lower and upper halves of the wall.

10. Real Vertical Wood Bedroom Slat Accent Wall

Modern Scandinavian bedroom with vertical wood slat wall panels behind bed

Lastly, we have a beautifully warm, sunny bedroom with extra pillows and a vertical wood slat accent wall behind the bed to tie the room together. What's not to love?


Choosing the right headboard for your bedroom isn't always easy: there's endless styles, materials, shapes and sizes to choose from. But if you want something tasteful and modern that also incorporates natural materials, a wood slat headboard might be the perfect look for you!

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