22 Modern Home Theater Design Ideas

22 Modern Home Theater Design Ideas

It's not always clear what separates a "home theater" from a "living room". Is it the screen size? The audio setup? The overall thought put into the entire arrangement? Or does a home theater have to be a completely separate room from the living room altogether? 

We believe a home theater is any room in which excessive care has been put into maximizing the quality of the viewing experience. It's a unique combination of visuals, audio, seating comfort, decor and design, blended into a space that's so enjoyable we never want to leave.

Home Theater Design is Interior Design

There are times when family members or housemates only factor in the audio-visual experience, without considering the overall aesthetics of the space. This results in a space that is great for watching movies in, but doesn't contribute anything to the rest of the house when it's not in use. Finding that perfect balance between top-notch audio/visuals and a clean, welcoming environment is the key to the perfect home theater design.

Just like any other room in the house, overall aesthetics contribute to the comfort of the space as much as the functionality of the space when it's in use. From seating to lighting to architectural accents, the primary goal should of any home theater design should be to inspire comfort and awe while minimizing distractions. By doing these three things, your design will create the ultimate viewing experience for you, your family, and your guests.

So, today we're going to look at 22 ideas for modern, aesthetically-pleasing home theater design setups that everyone in the family (yes, everyone) can enjoy, regardless of whether it's movie night, game night, or date night.

1. Mid-century living room with lots of daylight

mid century modern living room with a fireplace and a vertical walnut wood slat tv wall

While not ideal for daytime movies, this living room design is sure to inspire comfort and great conversation.

2. Minimalist living room with a modern fireplace

monochrome living room with fireplace and black wood panelling behind tv

3. Vintage audio with an automated projector screen

mid-century modern living room with pull-down projector screen, italian furniture and vintage hifi speakers

4. Mid-Century Modern Home Theatre With a Vintage Touch

midcentury modern home theatre with walnut wood wall panelling and warm LED lighting

modern home theater with vertical wooden slat accent wall and led lights
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Our friend Mike Wat transformed his basement into a gorgeous mid-century modern home theatre. Watch the video here.

5. Scandinavian home theater + fireplace combo

modern scandinavian living room with fireplace and vertical wood slat tv wall

That wood slat accent wall is a jaw dropper...

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6. Artsy bookshelf and projector setup

artsy living room with projector screen and bookshelves next to eames chair
With the Eames chair to boot!


7. Exposed beams for the win

modern home theater with exposed wood beams and large projector screen

Yes, some blinds would definitely be needed here.

8. Simple, homey, spacious living room setup

bright modern living room with sectional and surround sound speakers

Not home theater per se, but this simple setup is undoubtedly comfy and relaxing.

9. LED TV backlight with decorative wood panelling

modern living room with backlit tv and decorative wood wall panelling

A warmer LED glow may be more fitting, but a great setup nonetheless.

10. Built-in walnut slat wall

mid-century modern living room with vertical walnut wood slat wall panelling and large white sectional

The walnut wood slats add the perfect touch of mid-century elegance to this modern setup.

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11. Black wood slat feature wall

modern home theater with undermount led lighting and black wood slat feature wall

Could the TV be bigger? Yes. Does it still look great? Also yes.

Want to recreate this look? Read our post on How to Create a Black Wood Slat Accent Wall.

12. Moody mansion home cinema room

luxury home theater room design with projector screen and sectional sofa

If I lived here and it always rained, I wouldn't mind.

13. Nordic-MCM with a luxurious wood feature wall

mid-century modern living room with built in walnut wood slat tv wall and plants

Money grows on that tree in the corner, apparently.

14. Modern farmhouse home theater

modern farmhouse home theater living room design with white oak wood slat feature wall

Why can't all farmhouse design look this good? 

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15. Backlighting and wall paneling done right

modern living room with decorative wood wall panelling behind tv

 One of those times where LED just...works.

16. Big sound, big statement

modern home theater design with surround sound and decorative wood acoustic wall panelling
modern home theater room with wood slat acoustic wall panels and surround sound speakers

The wood slat accent wall paired with that sound system just screams luxury.

17. A classy, timeless basement media room

modern basement media room with projector screen and contemporary furniture


18. Elevated excellence

luxury home theater with couches and wood slat wall paneling

Yes, this is actually inside someone's home!

19. Jet black wood panel feature wall

monochrome living room design with a modern fireplace and a black vertical wood slat feature wall

Modern elegance with a liquid fireplace to boot.

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20. European minimalism with a wood slat panel accent

scandinavian living room with vertical wood slat wall panelling and white walls

Visually appealing and easy to install as well.

21. Comfy finished basement turned media room

bright modern basement home theater with tan leather couches and a large projector screen

Perfect for the whole family! Just need a footrest or two...

22. Exposed beam and brick

rustic living room with projector screen and a fireplace

Rustic, modern, or both?

23. Built for entertaining

luxury basement living room in modern west coast home

Natural materials and an open concept make this the perfect room for a movie, a party, or both!

So, there you have it, 22 of our favourite home theater setups that are built for fantastic viewing experiences, without sacrificing on aesthetics. 

Which idea was your favourite? Would you try any of these designs? 

Let us know in the comments! 


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