10 Vertical Wood Slat Wall Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

10 Vertical Wood Slat Wall Ideas That Will Make You Swoon

With roots dating back to ancient Japanese architecture, and more recent references in the 60's and 70's modernist design movements, vertical wood slats have reemerged as a beloved design feature in recent years.

Whether they're on the interior or exterior of a home, wood slats offer that timeless-yet-renewed aesthetic that is a common thread in all great design styles.

Today, we're going to look at 10 Vertical Slat Wall Ideas that will remind you how simple changes to a space can make the biggest difference. 


1. Dining Room Vertical Slat Wall

midcentury modern dining room with concrete floors and a vertical wood slat feature wall

Juxtaposing with the colder surfaces in the room, namely the steel prep-kitchen-style island and the concrete floors, the vertical wood slat wall adds a tasteful touch of warmth to this minimalist Scandinavian eat-in kitchen. The added textural element makes space feel cozy, without compromising the minimalist nature of the home.

2. Mid-Century Living Room Walnut Panelling

midcentury living room with vertical walnut wood wall panelling and curved furniture

While arguably more "plank" than "slat", the vertical lines of this walnut wood paneling are a defining feature of this mid-century living room. With curvature in the furniture and a pop of colour from the oversized indoor plant, this space feels perfectly balanced between minimalist lines and warm, softer touches. 

3. Black Wood Slat Wall Fireplace Accent

black wood slat accent above built in fireplace in contemporary living room

In this space designed by Leanne Ford, the black wood slats surround the retired built-in fireplace to create the focal point that this contemporary living room deserves. While the feature is undoubtedly bold, it contrasts perfectly with the white walls and the jute rug to complete the contemporary look of the space.

4. Vertical Walnut Wood Slats in a Mid-Century Living Room

mid century living room with vertical walnut wood slat wall panels and oversized art

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This space puts the "modern" in mid-century modern, drawing inspiration from 1960's and 1970's design classics (hello, Case Study Houses) to create a space that feels equal parts familiar and refreshing. The lines are clean, the art and plants are oversized, and the wall has the perfect textural element for the sunshine to play off of.

Of all the vertical slat wall ideas, this is one that we just can't get enough of!

5. Modern Black Wood Slat TV Wall

modern living room with black vertical slat wall around tv and floating media console

For a more mature, brooding look, the black wood slat TV wall is always a great option. As opposed to a painted black wall, which can look flat and devoid of texture or character, the black wood slat tv wall can be a great way to camouflage your TV while keeping the design of the room interesting. 

Read how to create this look yourself: How to Create a Black Wood Slat Wall

6. Modern Walnut Vertical Wood Slat TV Wall

modern living room with vertical walnut wood slat wall and built-in TV

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In this RZ Interiors-designed living room, vertical walnut wood slats create the perfect backdrop for the TV, pairing perfectly with the floating media console and the white oak plank flooring. 

7. Eclectic Walnut Panelled Living Room

modern living room with built-in walnut shelving and a vertical wood slat accent wall

 This room pulls out all the stops and isn't afraid to hold back - the walnut built-in shelving is accentuated by brushed gold hardware and an extravagant circular window. The TV and soundbar are expertly built into the vertical walnut wood slats. Shot by London-based photographer Natalie Priem, this design is eccentric, bold, and full of life!

8. Vertical Wood Slat Wall Bedroom Design

minimalist bedroom with dark bedding, oversized art frames and a vertical wood slat wall behind the bed

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The vertical wood slats behind the bed in this Scandinavian loft-style bedroom add the perfect touch of warmth, without overstaying their welcome.

The bedding and bed frame are dark and cozy, the floors and white walls are cool and minimal, and the vertical wood slat accent wall creates the perfect visual bridge between the two.

9. Cozy Boho Organic Bedroom Slat Wall

modern bedroom with wood furniture and a vertical wood slat wall behind the bed

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Full of life, full of warmth! This sunny bedroom looks like the perfect place to wake up and instantly feel calm, grounded, and ready for whatever the day has to offer. The wood slat accent wall makes the bed a focal point and adds texture, while the navy blue rug breaks up the space and adds a subtle touch of colour. We love it!

10. Around-the-Window Wood Slat Accent

organic rustic farmhouse living room with painted white brick fireplace and a wood slat accent wall

Another Leanne Ford project showing us just how versatile wood slats can be. This refined take on the rustic farmhouse aesthetic combines painted brick, a barn wood coffee table, a togo sofa, and wood slats, and it all looks seamlessly cohesive. That's great design, baby!


We admit, these ideas are all over the place. Some bedrooms, some living rooms, a kitchen, and all kinds of different styles woven throughout.

But hey, that's what we love about using wood wall panelling - it can be used with nearly any style, providing a focal point, a backdrop, or both! Which one is your favourite?

Is there something you saw in here that you just NEED a source for? Comment below and we'll help you out!  


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    This blog does a fantastic job of illustrating the timeless appeal and versatility of vertical wood slats in home design. Each example beautifully highlights how simple elements can transform spaces into warm, stylish, and well-balanced environments. It’s fascinating to see how a single design feature can be woven through various rooms and styles, from minimalistic to eclectic, each achieving a unique aesthetic. Great inspiration for anyone looking to refresh their space!

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